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Белка и Стрелка: Карибская тайна en streaming vf (2020)

Titre Original: Белка и Стрелка: Карибская тайна
Date de sortie: 2020-04-30
Durée: 1h20min
Genre: Film / Animation
Langues: Français
Pays: Russia
Réalisateur: Inna Evlannikova

Regarder le film Белка и Стрелка: Карибская тайна 2020 en streaming vf en qualité HD réalisé par Inna Evlannikova aux Russia et interprété par Evgeny Mironov, Katerina Shpitsa, Sergey Burunov .. est le meilleur site de streaming gratuit compatible sur tous les appareils ordinateurs, smart TV et mobiles.
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A mysterious anomaly occurs off the coast of Cuba — a huge water tornado draws in water, draining the ocean. Belka and Strelka are sent by the Soviet rules to the island of fraternal peoples with an intelligence mission. The old friends will see beauties of Cuban nature and the azure expanse to the ocean, and the underwater world shrouded in secrets. They have to go through a series of dangerous adventures that will not only lead them to unravel the Cuban anomaly, but also test their friendship.шаблоны для dle 11.2


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