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学长,我看你好眼熟 en streaming vf (2020)

Titre Original: 学长,我看你好眼熟
Date de sortie: 2020-04-22
Genre: Drame / Romance
Langues: Français
Pays: China
Avteurs: Shan Liang, ,

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The film tells the story of Lu Wei, a freshman and freshman, only one pair of seniors-Ye Lianmei, a cold male god in the Department of Chemistry, fell in love at first sight. Subject Li Yirou, frustrated, attracted the attention of warm heart senior Zhang Chenxuan. Lu Jieyi, who refused to give up, launched a stormy offensive with the help of three wonderful roommates. An accident caused the two to live in the same ward, and their feelings quickly heated up. Confession, in two completely different types of seniors, Lu Jieyi fell into hesitation.шаблоны для dle 11.2


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