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思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ en streaming vf (2020)

Titre Original: 思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ
Date de sortie: 2020-08-14
Durée: 2h04min
Genre: Drame / Romance
Langues: Français
Pays: Japan
Réalisateur: Takahiro Miki

Regarder le film 思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ 2020 en streaming vf en qualité HD réalisé par Takahiro Miki aux Japan et interprété par Eiji Akaso, Minami Hamabe, Riko Fukumoto .. est le meilleur site de streaming gratuit compatible sur tous les appareils ordinateurs, smart TV et mobiles.
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Akari (Minami Hamabe) is a first grade high school student. She is positive, realistic and outgoing with romance. Akari though is not good at expressing her feelings. She become friends with Yuna (Riko Fukumoto), who attends the same high school. Yuna has a hard time talking with strangers and she is passive with romance. She has never been in love, but she dreams of having a romance like those drawn in manga. Even though Akari and Yuna have totally different personalities, they are now good friends. Yuna gets attracted to Rio (Takumi Kitamura) who is Akari’s stepbrother and attends the same high school. Akari becomes attracted to Kazuomi (Eiji Akaso), who is Yuna’s childhood friend and attends the same high school. Based on manga series "Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare" by Io Sakisakaшаблоны для dle 11.2


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