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Haudankaivaja en streaming vf (2020)

Titre Original: Haudankaivaja
Date de sortie: 2020-09-11
Genre: Film / Drame
Langues: Français
Pays: Finland
Réalisateur: Khadar Ahmed
Budget: 1,300,000.00$

Regarder le film Haudankaivaja 2020 en streaming vf en qualité HD réalisé par Khadar Ahmed aux Finland et interprété par Omar Abdi, Yasmin Warsame, Kadar Adboul-Aziz Ibrahim .. est le meilleur site de streaming gratuit compatible sur tous les appareils ordinateurs, smart TV et mobiles.
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Middle-aged Guled, a struggling gravedigger living in the slums of Djibouti City, is working hard to make ends meet. His 13-year-old runaway son Mahad lives on the streets with other homeless children, and his beloved wife Nasra, who suffers from a chronic kidney disease, desperately needs a transplant. In order to save Nasra’s life, Guled and Mahad have two weeks to come up with the money. But how far are they willing to go?шаблоны для dle 11.2


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